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Designing landscapes that work for people and nature


Claire Kremen believes the protected area paradigm of separating people from nature is not enough to preserve our planet’s species and habitats. Speaking at Science Unlimited 2019, she used examples from across the world to show how biodiversity- and ecosystem-based management of farmlands and rangelands complements protected areas to maintain biodiversity, provide habitat connectivity and improve climate change resilience, while sustaining the capacity for food production.

Claire Kremen, University of British Columbia

Claire investigates the nexus between sustainable agriculture, protected areas and ecosystem services – aiming to reconcile human resource use with biodiversity conservation. Her current research focuses on the ecological, social and economic benefits, costs and barriers to adoption of diversified farming systems, and on designing sustainable working landscapes. Claire is the President's Excellence Chair in Biodiversity as well as Professor at the University of British Columbia. She is also Chief Editor of Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems.

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