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The emerging open science ecosystem


Open Access publishing will transform the research-innovation cycle, providing obvious benefits to all researchers, as well as to their institutions, funders, learned societies, and broader research communities. Speaking at Science Unlimited 2019, Fred Fenter presented a high-level view of this transformational potential and how it supports the open-science ecosystem that is now rapidly emerging. 

Frederick Fenter, Frontiers

Fred is the Executive Editor of Frontiers, supervising the entire Frontiers journal portfolio and being directly involved in all strategic projects. He served as publishing consultant during Frontiers’ launch phase in 2006–2008, rejoining in 2013 in his current role. An active advocate for Open Science, Fred frequently organizes and participates in a variety of advocacy events and roundtables. He earned a PhD in Chemistry from Harvard and then worked in academia (CNRS, EPFL) before moving into academic publishing in 1997.

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