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From launch to leader


Frontiers has been launching and developing journals for over 10 years, offering authors a high-quality publishing venue for their amazing research. Speaking at Science Unlimited 2019, Mirjam Curno showed why Frontiers is the 4th most cited academic publisher in the world – because its journals are built with data-driven insights, involve the best editors and showcase groundbreaking Research Topics, that create visibility and impact. 

Mirjam Curno, Frontiers

Mirjam oversees Journal Launch and Development as well as Peer Review at Frontiers. She joined in 2014 as Journal Manager, led the Frontiers Editorial Office from 2015 and became Publishing Director in 2019. Mirjam works together with her teams on journal strategy and quality standards, and liaises closely with the other departments at Frontiers to deliver our mission to make science open.

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