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Calling for transparency


From the start, we have advocated for a functional and transparent marketplace for publishing services - one that puts the true costs of these services, and their value propositions, in full public view. Today still, the approach to negotiating contracts using non-disclosure agreements to secure "Big Deal" contracts continues to hinder progress. Speaking at Science Unlimited 2019, Ronald Buitenhuis showed how Frontiers' policy of transparency is helping researchers make informed decisions, while bringing benefits of open science to universities, national consortia and funders.

Ronald Buitenhuis, Frontiers

Ronald joined Frontiers in 2016 and leads the Research Topic team and Frontiers’ collaborations with universities, funders and national consortia. Previously he worked for 6 years for Elsevier as Sr. Manager Publishing Solutions. He has an IT degree and has worked for 14 years within the publishing industry.

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