Please click on the button below to upload your files. The instructions on what you need to upload and how to name your files are in the email that led you to this page, please read them carefully.

Legal information

The personal data you provide here will be used by Frontiers solely for the organization of the Frontiers Forum. When no longer needed for that purpose, the data will be deleted.

Except as indicated below, Frontiers Media SA will be the controller of your personal data submitted here, which will be stored on behalf Frontiers by SquareSpace, which will be a processor of these data for Frontiers.  (www.squarespace.com).  

Frontiers will use Dropbox (www.dropbox.com) to store attendee details for a limited period – less than one year.  Dropbox’s privacy policy can be found here.  Again, the user will be Frontiers. 

Both Squarespace and Dropbox are based in the United States of America. Both have privacy policy and data security terms which aim to secure adequate protection of personal data, and both services explain on their websites the steps they take to keep data secure.  You can find their respective privacy policies here for Squarespace and here for Dropbox. Their privacy policies deal mainly with user data, and the user will be Frontiers rather than you. Frontiers has checked that each of these two services makes adequate promises concerning the security of your data.   

Frontiers’ own processing of your data is governed by our privacy policy.

To facilitate your arrival and check-in in Montreux, we will send the copy of your passport provided by you to the hotel in Montreux at which you will be staying. The hotel will become the controller of that data and will deal with it in accordance with its respective privacy policy. We can provide a link to the privacy policy of each hotel – please let us know if you would like to have the link for your hotel. 

If you have concerns about this or about any other aspect concerning the privacy of your personal data, please contact us at data.controller@frontiersin.org. For queries and practical matters concerning the Forum, please contact us at frontiers.forum@frontiersin.org

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